Cooperatives Forum

AEI is an operator in Wallonia offering support and guidance for economic, technological and digital development in the region.

As such, its mission is to support and promote the social, cooperative and united economy (through awareness-raising, promotion, subsidies etc.).

To promote its activities, the AEI launched a call for tender for the organisation of the first edition of the Cooperatives Forum.

The aim is to highlight social and cooperative entrepreneurship by holding three debates and a major conference. An unusual location was chosen (the Prehistomuseum in Ramioul), and the goal was to smarten up the image of the cooperative economy.

Sowecsom, the Walloon financing body for cooperatives, also chose the occasion to celebrate its 20th anniversary and its funding scheme, Brasero. In partnership with Yellow Events, we submitted a creative proposal which was shortlisted along with those of four other companies.

  • Walloon region
  • Traditional companies and operators in the cooperative economy
  • Pooling of the complementary skills available in our network, to respond in a relevant way to the requests of the contractor, whilst sticking to a limited budget.
  • Suggestion of a well-known speaker who is knowledgeable about the issue: Cyril Dion, co-producer and director of the film Demain.
  • Content proposals and creative graphics.
  • Organisation of event details, in keeping with the surroundings (tepees/fire pits, natural lighting).
  • Use of interactive participation techniques and debate interaction tools (Facebook Live/Keybate).