Maïté Herkens

CSR expert

What’s the professional specialism you excel at?

I’m a huge fan of innovation that has a positive impact. Thanks to my experience in many organisations, I focus on working with our clients to solve social and environmental issues, calling on solutions that are innovative, creative and entrepreneurial.

What are the most fascinating projects you have worked on in recent months?

I can think of several examples, like an Investment Impact Fund for high-tech in Africa, a multi-partnership to fight malnutrition in the world, as well as workshops on ‘impact innovation’. These workshops that I run in companies or groups of companies help to foster innovative projects with a positive impact – such as innovation challenges, the circular economy, food sustainability, alternative funding, and so on.

Which book, person or project are you currently most inspired by?

My favourite book is ‘The Secret of Shambhala’ by James Redfield. It describes that place deep within us all where anything is possible – a centre of authenticity, creativity, and humanity.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Every morning, I adore discovering new initiatives for citizens and entrepreneurs. These are emerging initiatives to solve our era’s problems. Follow me on Facebook, because I share them with hope and optimism. Let’s create the next initiatives together!