Anthony Barbarich

Digital Marketing & Web

What is your professional specialism or field of excellence?

You could call me a genuine digital creative. Generally speaking, it doesn’t take me long to find a solution to any problem, as I rely on my fairly disruptive and sometimes unconventional skills. I’m pretty good at handling most graphic design software, because I like delving deep into things. What I really like is learning how to use new tools or even ‘hacking’ existing solutions so that I can experiment with personal, artistic or professional projects. Another hobby of mine is developing web programming skills, which broadens my palette of digital productions.

What are the most fascinating projects you have worked on in recent months?

Without hesitation, it’s ’Studio Colibri’, a micro-agency specialised in creating websites that are environmentally responsible. Together with a childhood friend, we developed a methodology enabling us to create web pages that are ultra-light and use far less energy than most you will find on the web. Our aim was to tackle the huge and ever-growing energy consumption that is typically required all across the Internet.

I’m also fortunate enough to be a teacher at IHECS, where I work on lessons/workshops about Digital Marketing, Communication Strategy and Web Development. The main goal is to support the students producing campaigns on themes and issues that are highly topical. That means I’m obliged to keep updating my skills and knowledge, so I don’t find myself struggling to keep up with those students, who are often driven by amazingly technical and creative ambitions!

Which book, person or project are you currently most inspired by?

I’m currently reading or listening almost daily to poems or stories by Charles Bukowski. I’ve learned how to rediscover him over recent months, looking beyond his popular image as the ‘Dirty Old Man’. I was surprised to find well-written, positive and motivating notes within many of his last works. Poems like ‘Roll the Dice’, ‘The Strongest of the Strange’ and ‘Let It Enfold You’ have occasionally been major motivators in my own life, professionally and personally.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I tell myself it’s now time to cite my latest favourite poem 🙂

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