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Springtime offers a range of innovative coaching and communication services to support organisations undergoing economic and environmental transitions. We tackle your challenges with an approach based on the shared values of humanity, authenticity and responsibility.

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Are you starting to wonder about your organisation because you feel concerned about the state of the planet? What can be done about it? Innovation is vitally needed, but can it be green innovation? You want to change, but where do you start?


You are actively working towards a transition: how can you explain your values in Vision and Mission statements? How can you ensure a fruitful dialogue with your communities? How do you communicate about your progressive, sustainable activities?


You’re reinventing your organisation: how do you communicate coherently about your company’s raison d’etre? How can you help your partners understand the meaning of your commitments? How do you become credible actors of change?

Our news

In partnership with UCLouvain, the Maison du Développement Durable, Mind & Market, The Shift, Regenerative Alliance and the Lunt Foundation, Springtime is organizing a day on emerging economic models and the commons. Tuesday October 27, 2020, at Aula Magna (Louvain-la-Neuve). Join us there!

How can young recruits take action to raise sustainability to the top of their employers’ agenda? In partnership with The Shift, Springtime has published a guide on what a junior can do to motivate their management to take more sustainable action. Request your free copy!

Springtime’s electricity supplier is Cociter – it’s 100% green and 100% for and with citizens! Topping a list published by Greenpeace, Cociter centralises all the energy produced by wind-power cooperatives in Wallonia. Cociter also focuses on following the principles of collaborative management. It’s a safe bet!

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