Spotlight of CSR

Tanguy du Parc (CSR & Communication Specialist at Springtime) advises our clients in the private sector:

“CSR is a great opportunity for organisations to communicate about their key projects, and to instil in their employees a greater sense of pride. It can help to build their credibility and attract new talent. Today’s generation, the millennials, is especially interested in their (future) employer’s social commitment.”

“Our mission is to support these companies when they are assessing CSR, to help them to identify the initiatives that best match their profession and values, and to encourage them to take action… as well as producing responsible and committed communication.”

Your company is surely already making a name for itself through positive actions and is interested in identifying new initiatives. Contact us and we can move together in that direction!


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the United Nations’ 17 goals defining the new sustainable agenda for 2030. They offer every stakeholder in society a working framework to create a more sustainable society and economy. Springtime takes inspiration from this framework for its strategy and actions and it can help you to translate the SDGs so that they match your company’s context.